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100% of eligible, commercially insured patients will pay no more than $10 a month* for TRELEGY for 12 months with this program

*Subject to eligibility. Restrictions apply. This coupon may not be used by government beneficiaries, including those eligible for or enrolled in Medicare. View Full Requirements and Restrictions

You can help your patients lower out-of-pocket costs


Have confidence in coverage with TRELEGY

TRELEGY is now covered without restrictions for


of commercial and Medicare patients nationally

TRELEGY is covered without restrictions for 82% of commercial and 81% of Medicare Part D. "Covered without restrictions" is defined as reimbursement from a health plan with no accompanying step edits or prior authorizations.

What you need to know about this information:

Individual access may vary by geography and plan benefit design.

Formulary status may vary and is subject to change. Formulary coverage does not imply clinical efficacy or safety. This is not a guarantee of partial or full coverage or payment. Consumers may be responsible for varying out-of-pocket costs based on an individual’s plan and its benefit design. Each plan administrator determines actual benefits and out-of-pocket costs per its plan’s policies.

Verify coverage with plan sponsor or Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Medicare Part D patients may obtain coverage for products not otherwise covered via the medical necessity process. Source: Managed Markets Insight and Technology, LLC, database as of February 2019.

Please contact your local GSK Sales Representative for the most up-to-date formulary information in your area.


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